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Elementos del Horóscopo

Tu Elemento del Horóscopo eta basado en tu signo del zodiaco. Descubre más sobre tu elemento del horóscopo: Signo Fuego, Signo Agua, Signo Tierra o Signo Aire

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Signo Fuego - Elemento Aries

Signo del Zodiaco Aries - Signo Fuego

Of the Fire signs, the Aries element is the zodiac sign in which the Fire element is at its purest form. Aries elements are enthusiastic, active and interested in everything that is happening around them. They are great in exploring and starting new things. This fire sign is a true pioneer; adventurous and creative. Aries fire signs don’t see obstacles; they just see chances. They are opportunistic and can be quite self-centred. In their enthusiasm to start something new, they forget that there are others too who might have an (good) idea. Aries elements are bored easily and don’t like it when others want time to think things through. Although they are good initiators, this fire sign is a terrible finisher as by the time the project is up and running, the Aries horoscope element has already lost interest. This fire sign should learn how to be patient and take the time to listen to others, you’ll see that you can actually learn a lot from others.


Signos Fuego - Aries, Leo y Sagitario

Los signos fuego Aries, Leo y Sagitario están conectados a través de su horóscopo. Los signos Fuego son apasionados, impulsivos y tienen mucha energía. Pueden ser impredecibles y temperamentales: una pequeña flama rápidamente explota en un gran incendio. Estos signos zodiacales todos tienen en común que son valientes.

Fire signs like to take risks and are not afraid to experience something new. They are entertaining and very enthusiastic which makes them great people to have around. Fire horoscope signs tend to be quite self-centred; they like to get attention and at times forget that there are others too. Fire signs can at times ignore the feelings of others as they are too much focused on their own needs. Every once and a while it would help the Fire horoscope signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius to take a step (or two) back, listen and observe. Others might surprise you and you’ll find you can actually learn a lot from them.

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