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Chakra Corazón para el signo del horóscopo Libra

Chakra Corazón - Chakra Libra

The Heart Chakra belongs to The Taurus and Libra. This Libra Chakra meaning is that of love and affection. At this fourth Chakra we start to discover there’s more than only our body and the physical world. It balances the intuition and rootedness of the lower Chakras and the spiritual world of the higher Chakras. According to Chakra Astrology when your zodiac sign is related to the Heart Chakra you are a loving person, open and friendly to others and willing to help. Compassion and forgiveness are no strangers to you and this makes you a very loveable person, Libra Chakra.

Chakra Corazón Abierto

Cuando tu Chakra Corazón está funcionando bien, tu chakra Libra está abierto, tu esfuerzo constante es realizar relaciones armoniosas. No solo eres amoroso con otros, pero también contigo que es algo genial. Sabes cuándo decir no y cuando necesitas nutrirte tú mismo. Un buen funcionamiento del Chakra Corazón hace que te sientas balanceado y ligero, Chakra Libra.

Chakra Corazón Cerrado

When your Heart Chakra isn’t open you might face a feeling of loneliness, anger or bitterness. According to Chakra Astrology your Libra Chakra might even be cool and distant towards others. They arrive from suppressed emotions and won’t go away as long as you don’t recognize them. To obtain a healthy heart chakra you should be able to forgive yourself and love yourself once more, Libra Chakra.

Chakra Coronario

El significado de la Corona chakra es sobre la sabiduría espiritual y es aplicable a todos los signos zodiacales.

El chakra Coronario trata con tu espiritualidad y tu inteligencia interna. El séptimo Chakra es el más alto de todos los Chakras y por lo tanto representa sabiduría y tu conexión con el resto del mundo. Este Chakra está localizado en la punta de la cabeza que es literalmente la corona de tu cabeza.

Chakra Coronario Abierto

When the crown chakra is performing well it means that you are very conscious about yourself and everything that happens around you. You don’t judge and keep an open mind. People where the crown chakra is working well, live in the now and they are bound to the reality. You are interested in spiritual things and like to read inspirational books about life and personal development.

Chakra Coronario Cerrado

When the crown chakra is blocked you might become less flexible and will suffer stubbornness. You might experience a lack of inspiration which will cause some confusion or even depression. At times you might experience that your spiritual mind will become intellectual and you’ll try to rationalize or analyze everything.

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